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This is the One-Day-Deals.co.nz Blog, where we discuss news, site changes and other aspects of "Daily Deals" websites in NZ.

1-Day releases gift vouchers
December 28, 2008

Recently 1-day have released gift vouchers! A convenient way to give an exciting gift to someone special. Just think, the receiver will be checking 1-day each day to see what is available. If theres nothing they like they can check again the next day. Okay, its a little different than gettting a traditional store voucher where you can choose whatever you want. But then of course you a limited to products that the store sells. If you don't want a CD and you have a Music store voucher you are a screwed. Whereas with a 1-day voucher the range of possible products is vast and theres sure to some thing that you'd like at least every few days.

A great additional feature is the choice to have it electronically emailed to the receiver, or the ability to print it out on your printer at home. Email is great for tech saavy people. Open the email, grab the code and you can start buying straight away.


The great thing about the vouchers is there are no set denominations. So you can feel free to choose any amount from $5 to $5000. This makes it convenient as a lot of 1-day products are odd amount like $28.99 or $72.99. The only question we have is what happens to the unused credit once a purchase is made? Can it be retained against the voucher number to be used at a later date? We assume so.

We think 1-day gift vouchers are an exciting idea for a present. You can purchase 1-day gift vouchers or read more about them here

New 1-day Slogan
December 27, 2008

1-day have recently added a new slogan/catch phrase to the site. "If you're not fast, your last". This of course, is quite fitting to the sometimes frantic buying atmosphere of the site.

This slogan will appeal more to exisiting users who know about the site. For external marketing. 1-Day "One Day, Three deals" will still be more effective. Great to see some tweaking and new features happening at 1-day. They say if it ain't broken, don't fix it but we love seeing new features and changes to the 1-day page. It keeps the site fresh and interesting.


Something BIG is coming to 1-Day?
December 22, 2008

Today we've noticed a new 1-day banner which reads "Something big coming to 1-day". We are very intrigued. What could it be? Some of our initial thoughts are:

- Pay for Products by Mobile Payment such as Pago
- Internet Banking (This could be problematic though)
- Computers for sale
- Perhaps Cars for sale

Other Big Ticket items such as:

- Houses from a subdivision lot,
- Pre-sale apartments although I wonder if these would work online.


We wonder whether the change is a system feature or new function, or they are referring to new products to be offered. I guess thats part of the waiting game. I am swaying more towards new products for sale. If so, I think cars could be the next step. Although when I think about it. To fit in with the demographic I wouldn't say brand new cars. Too expensive. Second hand cars would be too problematic. So perhaps cars is thinking too big...for now.

On second thoughts perhaps furniture. Furniture is "BIG". Its brand new, 1-day has the warehouse space (we think). Its a category that could work online. Its an item that could fit on a customers credit card without too much trouble without maxing out. Its a desirable consumer item. 1-day could offer some great deals for sure.

A last minute thought is Travel, flights and accomodation. In fact I think this could be the one. Air New Zealands Grabaseat.co.nz is a very popular site, so the market has been tested well. 1-day has the database now to make this a very successful component of 1-day. Imagine...1-day....Flight to Raratonga - $49! The site would go nuts.

Accomodation online is very successful thru international sites such as wotif.com. I think accommodation could be too problematic as you need to book exact days, everyone likes different accomdation types. You'd need a sophisticated database which would be to complicated and jsut wouldn't work with 1days impulse factor. Too many people owuld want to change dates which would just get too crazy.

Perhaps 1-day could do a travel package. Family of 4 to Fiji, 4 nights, $1200. No refunds, you have to travel these exact days. It could work.

Flights on their own would be the easiest to manage. They would sell ultrafast online allowing the airlines to shift capacity fast. Flights are also intangible so 1-day wouldnt' have to ship out so many products.

I mean I could see 1-day selling a whole plane in 15 minutes. Slap a logo on the side and "1-day Airlines" is born! No I'm just kidding, but flights would be great on 1day.

We can't wait to see what it is! Unfortunately we'll spend the next week wondering what the hell it will be!

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