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What is a daily deals website?

What is this site about?


The Impulse Buying concept














What is this site about?

We've been fans of 1-day.co.nz for a while now. So we thought we'd delve deeper into the daily deal website concept. There are a few sites around now, so we regularly review them, give tips, and check almost daily to see whats happening. You can check this site most days to read up on news and commentary on the major daily deals sites in NZ. Are we affiliated with any daily deal websites? No, we are simply innocent bystanders ;)

What is 1-day?

1-day.co.nz - Its a new online phenomenon thats taking NZers by storm. Innovative Hamilton based Online retailer Torpedo7 has branched out to create the ever popular "daily deals" website.

How does it work?

The concept is simple. One Day, Three deals. Each day at Midday there are 3 brand new deals available for purchase. They are available for just 24 hours, or until they sell out before 24 hours (which is quite often).

What do they sell?

It has created a lunchtime buying frenzy in workplaces across the country with thousands logging on to 1-day.co.nz to see whats on offer for the day. The range of products varies widly. One day it can be a 24 pack of V for $24.99, or a Samsung Digital Camera for $239.99.

Did they make up the concept?

While the concept of daily deals websites is not new, 1-day have taken a fresh spin on it with a clean site, in-demand products and EXCEPTIONAL prices. Originally made famous by woot.com in the USA. This site has been running since 2003 and specialises in electronic goods.

How did 1-day become the premier "Deal a day" site in NZ?

- First mover
- 3 products, not just one
- Good range of products
- Midday product changeover to hit the lunch crowd
- Fast shipping
- Very good pricing. So good in fact than even I have bought twice thru the site. And I never buy on impulse. So the prices were that good!
- Products from well known NZ brands


Are there other "Daily Deals" sites?

Yes check out some of these:


As with any great concept soon enough copycat websites emerge. Some notable ones are:

New Site that has just finally launched.

Dosen't seem to be part of 1-day


Simple looking site with aforum feature for discussion of the days deal.



Claim to be the first daily deals site in NZ. Media releases suggest this. No buzz on this site currently. To be fair I did came across this site a while ago but didn't understand the concept at that stage. They offer 6 deals per day. Their deals also start at 7am. Too early in my opinion.

What seems to be the best format for a daily deals site?

We're still undecided on which format works best. 1 product, 3 products, 6 products or a whole page split into categories. I think 3 is best as its not too much information in the buyers face. Remember too many options buyers panic. 1 product is not really enough, you take one check and instantly decide whether you want it or not. 3 requires a little more thought but not too much, and keeps the buyer interested. More chance something will take their fancy.

More than six products and you are running a catalog website and it seems to take away the urgency of a one day sale. It seems like the products are there to stay.

International Daily Deal websites


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