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Launched in mid 2008, Dealaday.co.nz is a NZ daily deal site offering computer and electronic accessories. They offer 1 product each day at 10am.



Site Story/History

To be reviewed in near future

Product Range

DealaDay tend to offer items in the computer accessory and electronic area. Although they occasionally have one-off deals like magazine subscriptions and fragrances.

Example Products


Logitech MM22 Portable Ipod Speakers $49.90


Viewsonic 19" LCD Monitor VA1903wmb $239.99

New Product Load Time

On Dealaday new products load up everyday at 10am.

Site Design

To be reviewed in near future

Site Usability

To be reviewed in near future

Buying thru the site

To be reviewed in near future

Good points of the site

Simple Clean Design
Dealaday have definitely sought out talented designers for their site. An almost futuristic feel to the site reflects their leaning towards computer and electronic accessories.

This is a mobile payment system run by ASB Bank. Credit cards are firmly entrenched in internet users habits but I think mobile banking and payments will because more of a force in the future. The benefit is that you can pay on the spot using your mobile phone. This adds to the impulse nature of the site being able to very quickly complete the purchase. At this time DealaDay is the only company offering Pago on their products.

History of Products and Prices
This is a feature 1-day lacks. The ability to look thru previous months deals to either check prices, or predict when that product you missed might come back online. DealaDay do often repeat items so you get a second chance.

Watch Media Video

No videos are availalbe at this time.

Final words

You can view the site at dealaday.co.nz

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