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The New Zealand Daily Deal Sites List

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The NZ One Day Sale Sites List (46 sites)


1. GrabOne.co.nz

grab one deals



2. BookMe.co.nz

book me deals




3. MightyApe.co.nz


mighty ape deals


4. DealaDay.co.nz


living social deals





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GrabaSeat.co.nz (Flights)

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Daily Deal Sites that have Closed Down






























Over 40 daily deals site have closed down over the years. See the full list of dead sites in the "Daily Deals Graveyard"


OneDayDeals.co.nz - NZ's First Daily Deals discussion site

Fascinated by the onedaysale concept, this site has been online since 2008, watching and discussing the one day sale website industry. We are constantly revamping this site so why not read some of our one day sale articles and site profiles.

What is this site about?

We've been fans of 1-day.co.nz for several years now. Back in 2008 we noticed several daily deals competitors coming online, so we thought we'd delve deeper into the 1 day sale phenomenon and create a website about them. There are so many daily deals sites around now, so we regularly review them, give tips, and check daily to see whats happening.

What is 1day?

1-day.co.nz - Its an online shopping craze that's taking NZ by storm. The innovative, Hamilton-based online retailer Torpedo7 branched out from their traditional e-commerce site to create the ever popular "day deals" website. "1 day" were the first company to become successful in the New Zealand mainstream so when people talk about one day sales they usually refer to the 1day company. Sites like 1 day have created a lunchtime buying frenzy in workplaces across the country with thousands logging on to the website to see what products are on offer for the day. Throughout this site we'll refer to 1-Day.co.nz and 1-Day Ltd as simply 1 day.

1day logo How do One Day Sale sites work?

The concept is simple. Each day, the website will offer a special deal on one or more products. The specials are available for just 24 hours, or less time if they sell out within 24 hours (which is quite often). 1 day offer 3 deals each day at Midday. One Day Sale Sites vary on the number of one day deals they offer each day. Several of the market leaders like "Deal a day" offer just one deal each day. As does newcomer to New Zealand, Australian market leader "Catch of the Day".

What kinds of products do they sell?

With 3 Deals on offer each day, the range of products varies wildly on 1day.co.nz. One day it can be a 24 pack of V for $24.99, the next day a Samsung Digital Camera for $239.99. The products on offer tend to be popular and well known consumer products, usually from a famous brand name. Some deal a day sites are now also selling services and downloadable vouchers instead of physical products.

Did 1day make up the one day sale concept?

While the concept onedaysale of websites is not new, 1-day have taken a fresh spin on it with a clean site, in-demand products and EXCEPTIONALLY LOW prices. The one day deal concept was originally made famous by woot.com in the USA. This onedaysale site has been running since 2003 and specialises in refurbished electronic goods. Grabaseat (run by Air New Zealand) has also been offering one day sale type deals on cheap flights for a few years now.

A New Twist to the Daily Deal Phenomenon: Group Buying Sites

Recently a new wave of 1 day sale sites have popped up: Voucher or "Experience" daily deal sites. These group buying sites don't sell physical products, they offer downloadable coupons that you can purchase for heavily discounted "services" like boat charters, movie tickets and beauty treatments.

As with product sites, the entertainment coupon sites offer their deals for just one day. These sites are often called "group buying" sites as you need a group of people buying for the offer to work. The first group buying site in the USA to launch coupons in the daily deal format was Groupon. New Zealand has followed suit with many one day one deal sites, namely Grab One, Daily Do, and Groupy. GrabOne seems to be the most popular NZ coupon site so far with legendary days such as 10,000 movie tickets sold for $4, in just one morning!

Whats different about "vouchers" sites like Group on is that they target their deals by region. For instance Grab One will offer one deal a day just for Auckland, or just for Wellington. They do this because a lot of the daily deals nz offered are for redemption at local stores and businesses (as opposed to nationwide chains).

All of the group buying or social buying sites like Grab One are hoping to offer one deal a day for major regions in NZ such as Hamilton and the Waikato, Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. You can also find Taupo Deals and Rotorua Deals. Larger South Island cities like Christchurch and Dunedin, and even smaller provincial North Island Towns like New Plymouth, Palmerston North and Whangarei or Northland. Grab1 seems to be leading the way with almost all major regions in NZ covered. Grab One have recently branched out to physical products with their Grab One Store.

Groupon NZ

Groupon NZ has launched in New Zealand - it was a long anticipated entry. Groupon New Zealand will use its experience in over 500 cities worldwide, to strike up deals on behalf of NZ consumers. This is an exciting time in the maturity of the New Zealand Group buying industry. 

Groupon will certainly shake things up as they know how to do a big launch, having done it over 500 times! Groupon are not just restaurants and massage vouchers. They have launched many verticals including Travel and retail sites. So there is something to keep everyone interested. Keep an eye on regional sites Groupon Auckland and Groupon Wellington

LivingSocial New Zealand

Another worldwide group buying site is Living Social. Ranked as the world No2, LS has launched here with Living Social NZ. Still lagging behind Groupon in terms of world daily deal domination, Living Social are keen to catch up and have a major investor - Amazon. With such a big name behind them you know that they must be destined for big things.

Auckland Deals continue to be popular with Living Social Auckland offering their hyper local deals segmentation. These are deals within certain parts of Auckland such as the North  Shore, Just the city, West Auckland etc. Anyone can purchase the deals but they are great for saving travel time, and redeeming your deals in your local area.

Living Social Wellington are planning the same thing with so that a deal in Porirua will be localised to north wellington members, and vice-versa with the city deals. Its an innovative concept that we haven't seen the other deals site try as yet. We are not sure if localised deals will be offered with Living Social Christchurch due to all the uncertainty in the region. But they continue to offer daily deals in Christchurch so that gives residents something exciting to look forward to each day.


Launched in 2011 was Treat Me. This local group buying site is run by TradeMe. Treatme have plans to launch all over New Zealand and made their first launch city with Treat Me Auckland. TreatMe have also launched with Treat Me Waikato and in a few of the smaller centres such as Tauranga/Bay of Plenty. 10 More regions are planned, to match up with GrabOne's regions. TreatMe.co.nz has been a little slower in expanding nationwide, meaning often grabOne is dominating the smaller towns and getting a secure foothold.

But TreatMe is expanding slowly nonetheless, and they'll do just fine. they have New Zealand largest customer base, and the trust factor of the trademe brand so they can take their time. They need to do things correctly, and no fail as they are now a public company. 1 day deals is set to really shake things up. They have the traffic and users to be able to strike some big deals for well know kiwi brands. Treat Me Wellington is proving very popular being TradeMe's hometown. On their launch day they sold around 15,000 bagels in Wellington for $1. Keep an eye on TreatMe!

This is great news for NZ consumers as there are now four sites offering voucher deals for services and entertainment. One day out promises to be a popular daily deals site. Unfortunately in 2011 1dayout was closed down, but you can check out other Grab a Deal sites.

Supermarket and Grocery Daily Deals

The year of 2012 saw seem some new daily deal categories launch, most notably Grocery Deals. Grocery and Supermarket Deals provide much needed discounts on food and household items we buy every week. It's a bit of a diversion from lifestyle products that are bought on impulse. The amount of Coupon Deals sold has continued to grown well in 2013. Several sites have dropped off, but overall spend is up.

Groceries are things we are buying anyway, but the online format and limited time means that we can grab some great deals. With a great discount we can also be persuaded to try products that we normally wouldn't buy in a supermarket, just because they are on special. We think Supermarket Deals are going to be an exciting daily deals category going forward.

The Warehouse has also launched Red Alert, their own daily deals site. The Warehouse Red Alert is going to be a serious contender for second place in the daily deal products space behind 1day. Who knows, with their buying power and ability to accept very low margins, they could take the number one spot after their first year.

2013 has seen the launch of yet another grocery deals site, this time by MightyApe. Yes, MightyApe are now selling food items to keep all the hungry apes feed. MightyMart.co.nz is the new site and if their main site is anything to go by, their food deals site is going to be huge. MightyMart offers food deals and $5 shipping making online grocery shopping a lot less hassle than going to the store. There is also a new beauty and makeupsite called Makeup NZ which looks pretty interesting.

More About the NZ Daily Deals Market

You can read more on the History of One Day Deals websites in New Zealand in our one day sale articles Section. If you are thinking about starting your own voucher deals or one day deal site make sure you read our articles and find out what it takes to run a successful site.

For those readers that have been following us for the past few years: You can also view our old Daily Deal Sites Reviews Section. In 2009 we reviewed the offerings of various 1 day sale sites, every day for 3 months. Here are those Past Deals

Learn More about each One Day Deals NZ site, and view the deals:

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