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Grab a Deal

Are you looking to Grab a deal? Then this site will soon become your new best friend. One Day Deals aggregates all of the NZ daily deals sites to help you grab that special deal.

There are now over 70 kiwi deals sites...but how can you keep up with all of that? The answer is simple. We have a section called Todays Deals. We break up these 70 sites into logical categories. If you are in Wellington, then go to our Wellington Deals page to see all the local deals.

View all of Todays Deals right now

If you are looking for actual products then we have even more categories. Electronics, Toys, Kids, Home, T-shirts, Alcohol Deals, this list goes on. Our lists are such a time saver, no more hunting thru half a dozen deal of the day sites. View them all on one page! It makes it so easy to Grab-a-deal.

The best thing about these categories is that you can actually see the deals live on the same page. All electronics deals will show, even from multiple sites. What this does is saves you so much time each day. Now you can grab a deal in no time at all.

On a typical day I will check the Auckland Deals page for deals in my area. Then I will take a quick look at the Top 10 Product deals sites, to see if anything else takes my fancy. The whole processs takes about 3 minutes, and I only visit one website! Talk about easy.

To get started, go to our Todays Deals Page. You'll be glad you did!

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