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Yazoom Christchurch

Yazoom Christchurch is now offering daily deals to residents of the garden city. Yazoom, which started in Auckland has been popular with bargain hunters in the north, so has decided to let Cantabrians in on the action too!

Each day is different. A Yazoom deal could be a $1 coffee or it could be a $2,000 cruise at 50% off. There’s no telling what deal could be offered from one day to the next. And that’s part of the excitement of group buying and these deal sites. So you must check back daily to see if the deal is something that will appeal to you.

Yazoom Christchurch is sure to prove a hit. So when you are looking for something to do this weekend, come back to our Christchurch Deals page and check the deals for all Christchurch deals sites.

UPDATE: Yazoom has been bought buy DailyDo. They still offer deals but on the new website.

You can check out their website: DailyDo.co.nz

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