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Updated 2013: 3 Deals is now in partnership with The Warehouse, and their deals site called Red Alert. 3 Deals was one of the most popular NZ daily deals sites, and offered a great selection of deals on clothing, toys, electronics and everyday household items. They became really popular because of the brand name products they sold, mostly parallel imported from overseas.

Unfortunately now when you go to 3Deals.co.nz the website is no longer active. We think this is a bit of a shame, but in essence the products that we on offer now show on RedAlert. This is The Warehouse going head first into online shopping, and we think it's great for kiwi consumers. The Warehouse has always been about low prices and by now taking over 3Deals and the market leading deals site 1 day, The Warehouse hopes to help everyone to get an "online" bargain :)

So with the site no longer active, we have removed the links to 3Deals.co.nz. Lower down the page there is an interview we did with 3Deals a few year ago. It's still a great read. 3 Deals is no longer active, but don't let that get you down. They are still over 60 deals sites offering deals each day including 1day:


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Interview with Chris Honore from 3Deals.co.nz

1. What is the best deal you've ever offered?

It’s too hard to pick one! We offer great deals everyday! I’m sure our customers would say the same thing ;)

2. What is the fastest you've sold out of something?

The first time we sold a 12PK of Persil Washing Powder we sold out in less than 5 minutes, we were blown away!

3. What makes your site different from the other daily deal sites?

We offer a huge range of products from popular streetwear brands to toys and products that are handy around the home. We try and keep it fresh.

4. You focus on product deals. Would you ever consider offering coupons?

We have offered coupons in the past. We’ve had some fab deals on classes with
Les Mills and Contours Health and Fitness Clubs and we’ve recently run a promotion with Action Paintball. We do what we can to spice things up and make it interesting for our customers.

5. How important do you think social media (Facebook and Twitter) is to your success?

We love hearing what our customers have to say and Facebook and Twitter gives us a great opportunity to do this.  It's great being able to interact with them in a social setting.

6. Are there any products/deals that you won't offer? Have you said no to types of deals?

We’re a family site, so we try keep it clean.

7. What was your first product, price, and what was launch day like?

iPod Nano’s for a Dollar! Somehow word got around and our servers crashed with the high volume of  traffic! We took some flack for it, but the first customers in got an amazing deal!

8. Have you undertaken any traditional media advertising for the site? What about online advertising?

We do both. We’ve also run some amazing campaigns offering trips overseas. More goodies for our customers!

9. Whats the best part about being involved in the daily deals industry?

It’s fun! It’s fast moving, and best of all we are offering NZ consumers a great opportunity to save some pennies. We’re all finding it tough in this financial climate and hopefully our deals mean our customers can afford something they normally wouldn’t and we’re putting smiles on some partners’ and children’s faces!

10. What are the 3 main reasons new customers should try your site out?

- We try and keep the products new and fresh, offering great deals from a huge range of products.
- We are not complacent, we are constantly reviewing our processes and implementing new systems so that we can give our customers a great service.
- NZ owned and operated, we have a friendly staff that puts our customers first, even if it means working late nights & weekends and running short of sleep. We love what we do!

So there you have it guys! Check out 3Deals.co.nz for some great deals!

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