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1DaySale is the concept behind the success of top New Zealand shopping site 1day.co.nz. They weren't the first to use the concept, but they certainly were the first to bring it to the mainstream.

The story goes, Torpedo7 founder Luke Howard-Willis was on a buying trip to China when he had an idea on a plane home. He kept getting offered great deals on products that weren't related to his existing family bikes business. Their were deal for gadgets, deals for clothing. The deals seemed to good to pass up, but they just didn't sit with their current business model.

So he came up with a idea to make a separate website, to sell just these deals. He would put 3 new products up each day, but the deals would only be available for 24 hours. He thought long and hard about the 1daysale idea and decided it would be a good one. So on his arrival back in New Zealand he got to work on building the site and arranging supply of products.

The idea caught on fast, as he was able to leverage his existing database of customers from Torpedo7. Soon customers were telling their friends about this great 1daysale website, and word spread fast. The deals were at prices that New Zealand has never seen before. In fact prices were so cheap that they were only a few dollars above wholesale. 1day works on the premise that they can clear thousands of units each day, if they keep the price to an absolute minimum.

So they only make a few dollars on each item sold. A lot less than any other website could bear. But they sell thousands of units each day, so they make it up on volume. 1day are happy - they are the largest shopping site in New Zealand. And customers are happy because there are prices so low that they can't find anywhere else!

Now there are over 70 1daysale sites in New Zealand. We have a long list of them, which can help you to find exceptional deals each day.

List of ALL New Zealand 1 Day Sale Sites

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