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Red Alert - Daily Deals from The Warehouse

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Red Alert is the name of The Warehouse's new daily deals site. RedAlert is already causing a bit of a shake up in NZ retailing with super cheap prices, on well known brand names! The New Zealand Daily Deals market is already loving this great new site!

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Since daily deals became hot, 1day.co.nz has held the number one spot. They've built their business and are in a good position, where no one has been able to touch them. Enter The Warehouse Red Alert.

TWL is the first serious competitor in the daily deals space, no one else has the resources and buying power to create something to rival 1day. That being said, no matter what happens, 1day will always be big, probably even The Warehouse couldn't top them now.

The Red Alert site will be The Warehouses's Daily Deals arm, and will operate as a separate brand for marketing purposes. The domain name uses RedAlert.co.nz which is a memorable name for customers, being easy to spell. However the Red Alert site is hosted on thewarehouse.co.nz.

Seriously, this is big news and we could see something interesting things happen. Red Alert is going to offer some insane parallel import deals. And going forward, The Warehouse has the resources to continue to offer products at cost, or below to attract an audience. This means super low prices on this much awaited website.






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