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Auckland Offers

With Auckland being New Zealand's largest city, there is plenty of competition for the customer dollar. Businesses are happy to provide Auckland Offers in the hope that you become a long term customer.

But when you walk into an Auckland store you normally won't see their deals listed. If you are in the store, why would a business offer you a discount. The fact is to find discounts on Auckland businesses you need to look outside of the business to their marketing channels.

Auckland Offers through Facebook

Liking a businesses Facebook page is a great way to find keep track of any Auckland Offers. If a business runs a weekly or a monthly deal they will usually post this on their facebook page.

Some businesses even run Facebook only deals for their facebook subscribers. So the only way to out if there is a special is to like a businesses facebook page. Also be sure to make sure you are following all of their updates, as Facebook will often hide most fo their posts. If you dont specifically opt in to see everything from a business. That's the only way to make sure you don't miss a local offer.

Offers through Twitter

A lesser number of businesses use Twitter, but many do post the same deal on their twitter page as well as Facebook. And you can also find some businesses that do Twitter-only specials. To keep up to date with their Offers, you really need to like and follow all your favourite businesses so that you don't miss out.

An Even Better Way

For the most part, businesses won't offer 50% off deals through their Facebook pages. They don't have too. If you already like a businesss they don't need to tempt you with a 50% off deal. Even a 20% discount is enough to get most regular customers excited.

But there is a time when many businesses will offer 50% off deals, and that is through daily deals. If you see a deal on a daily deal site, the discount is usually around 50% off the normal price.

Daily Deals are primarily aimed at getting new customers, but they are open to everyone. Offering a big discount like 50% off is a great way to get brand new customers in to try your product or service. So whether you are new to a business, or a regular customer it pays to watch the Auckland Deals sites to see the best Auckland Offers each day.

If you haven't checked it out already, we recommend viewing our Auckland Deals page. You'll find the dozens of deals, all on one page from all the major deal sites. It's a big timesaver, no more remembering to check 6 different sites. They are all in one place:

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