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Top 3 Daily Deals Sites in NZ

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Looking for just the top 3 sites? Here are the market leaders. Check back here everyday to view the deals for the day. 

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All About Daily Deal Sites

If you are on this site, no doubt you are looking for deal sites! Sites that offer 3 Deals on 1 Day, or even more? 3 day deals is a popular site format, but the number of deals a site can offer varies. Some sites only offer 1 deal per day, such as DealaDay.co.nz. But some sites offer hundreds of deals each day like Groupon. Whether you like a particular deals site like 1day.co.nz, Red Alert Deals or TreatMe, or just want to see all the deals, we have all the most popular deals sites covered!

This website will help you see all the deals from all the sites. There are over 70 daily deal sites in New Zealand. It can be quite a challenge trying to keep up with all of them.

We have a special page where you can view deals from the 10 most popular sites including 1day. You can view at least 30 individual deals on that page alone. Then we have sites 11-20 on the More Product Deal Sites page. Our site OneDayDeals takes the hard work out of bargain hunting. View all the deals from all the sites, on ONE page. That’s smart!

Basically, OneDayDeals.co.nz is a daily deal aggregator site. We grab all the major deals sites and put them together so their deals are easy to view. Take for example Auckland Deals. There are around 6 sites offering Auckland Deals each day. Rather than checking 6 different sites each day, we’ve created a useful tool to help you.

Simple check our the Auckland Deals page and you can view the homepages of all 6 sites, on ONE PAGE. Its genius! See all of the day's deals at a glance, and decide instantly whether you are interested or not. If not, then scroll down the page to view the next homepage. If you see a great deal, simply click on the link to go to the site.

The time this tool will save you is immense. Imagine going to 6 different web addresses. We are talking at least 5 minutes, more like 10 minutes. Plus you’d have to remember them all! We say scratch that idea. But what if you aren’t in the big smoke? Well we have a page for each region around New Zealand. Check our city pages for your local deals. Now that’s smart!

Where did this daily deal concept come from?

New deals each day, what a great concept! The creator of this concept was 1day.co.nz. They launched back in 2007, with their signature 1 day, 3 deals format. It has proven to be extremely successful, propelling the site to the number 2 shopping site after TradeMe.

1day is also the most successful product deals site, selling over 100 million dollars worth of products each year. It seems kiwis really do love a bargain. 10 years ago, who would have thought a company in NZ could turn over that sort of money - just online!

If you are looking for sites that offer several new deals each day, then this site will show you all of the deals available today! View our Today's Deals page.






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