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The Warehouse Red Alert

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The Warehouse Red Alert has now launched and is offering some pretty sweet deals. The deals aren't your usual Warehouse lines, they are offering well known brands that everybody knows! Not only are the products popular,  but the prices are pretty amazing. You really need to see Warehouse Red Alert for yourself, so take a look below!



It's been a long time coming for the Warehouse Daily Deals site. Red Alert is a very late addition to the daily deals game with 1day already being the market leader in products. With revenues in the range of $70 million per year, 1day certainly have an impressive lead.

But we think The Warehouse's Red Alert site is a strong contender. Lets face it, The Warehouse are NZ's largest retailer already with over a billion dollars in annual sales. The issue for The Warehouse is that those sales are "in-store", and they'd like a lot more of their sales to be online.

The Warehouse has been quietly growing their online presence, and not many people actually know, that you can buy most of the products you see in store, on the warehouse website. With the launch of Red Alert, The warehouse are drawing a lot of attention to their site, so we think this is a great strategy to grow their main website.

But in terms of daily deals, The Warehouse's new daily deal site will be a force to be reckoned with in 6 months. TWL have the buying power and marketing budget to be able to do whatever they like when it comes to offering deals - even down to selling under cost if they like. A few thousand lost here is nothing if they can build their customer base for the long term. We say keep a good eye on RedAlert.co.nz, there are going to be some amazing deals to be had!






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