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1 Day Sales

1 Day Sales have grown to become one of the top ways kiwis shop online. The online sensation became popular thru market leader 1day.co.nz. Back in 2007, they started to offer 3 deals each day on well known brand name products. Fast forward 4 years and they sell close to a million dollars a week in products to thousands of kiwi consumers.

1 Day Sales are a great way to save big on popular products. You simply log on to a deals sites and see what they have on offer for the day. If something appeals then you have just 24 hours to make your decidsion! Tomorrow lunchtime the deal will end and you will miss out.

The time limit factor creates an impulse buying decision. Whether this is good or not for the consumer is open to debate. But it seems hundreds of thousands of kiwis are complaining.

In New Zealand, there are now over 70 1 Day Sale sites. And they sell all manner of products, from toys and sporting goods, to household appliances and holidays. If you want to go shopping, you are sure to find something you'll love.

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