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Daily Deals Definition

New Zealand has dozens of daily deals sites offering discounted products and vouchers for just 24 hours. OneDayDeals is a popular website that shows a comprehensive list of daily deals websites in New Zealand.


Check out ALL of New Zealands most popular daily deal sites


daily deals sites

With so many one day sale websites in the NZ market it can be a challenge to keep up. There are new deals sites popping up every fortnight, and you want to be sure that you aren't missing out on some great specials.

This is where the OneDayDeals site comes in. You can visit our home page to see the full list of New Zealand Daily Deal websites. You can then link thru to each one to see the products available. Why not check our home page every day at lunchtime and link thru to a few sites easily.

In addition to our basic list of daily deal sites we now also have a page called todays deals. This page goes one step further than a list of sites, it actually displays a live shot of each daily deals site homepage! Not only is the one day sale site shown, but all of them are! Yes you can view up to 50 different sites on one page. Now you don't even have to go to dozens of sites, you can view the daily deals at a glance!

These 24 hour deal sites are becoming extremely popular in New Zealand. Kiwis definitely love a bargain and these sites are here to benefit everyone. Some of the most popular New Zealand sites are Grab One, 1day and Dealaday.

Whether you are looking for Daily Deals sites, or Daily Deals products we can help you find those super discounts each day. We hope you like the features OneDayDeals offers, and we encourage you to use them freely and tell your friends too!

You can check out our home page here: www.onedaydeals.co.nz

Well done, you've found OneDayDeals. We are an aggregator of daily deal sites. What's an aggregator you ask? An aggregator brings together all the deals from over 60 deals sites. We display all the deals on one website. No more having to to check multiple sites each day. No more missing out on one day deals!

How it works is we have categorised New Zealand's Daily deals sites by location. So, if you want to see all the deals available in Auckland, simply go to our Auckland Deals page. Wellington Deals, go to our Wellington page. In fact all regions around New Zealand have their own page.

The city deals pages are great because you now have one central place where you can go each day. Save yourself from checking 5 or 6 sites, just go straight to your city. You'll see all the specials that are available in your town. A massive time and money saver.

Also, if you are looking for product deals, we have categorised those too. With over 40 website offering daily specials on products it can be quite a mission to even remember all of the website names! We have put the top 10 best product deal sites all on one page. Now you can view all the deals from the most popular sites on one page. Magic!

Perhaps you are after a particular kind of product? Then we have further categorised product deal websites by those that tend to offer particular deals. So if you are after electronics we have an electronic deals page. Fancy a book to read at a cheap price, we have a book deals section. The same with Wine Deals, Kids Deals, Hotel Deals and many other deal categories.

We hope you'll find out site useful. Best of all, our website is free! Get started by going to our Home page. Then select the category page you'd like to view first, then go for it!

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