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Catch of the Day

Catch of the day is an Australian owned daily deals site. They now have a NZ based website offering kiwis all the sort of deals that have made them one of the top shopping sites in Australia.

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Catch of the day is a term usually used to describe the largest fish of the day. In terms of daily deals this means that the product that catchoftheday is offering, is the best deal they sourced for that day. As with all one day sale sites you only get one chance t purchase. You can’t go back the next day.

As catch of the day nz only offer one deal per day. This product has to be a quality product and a great deal. You only have 1 day to sell out in the product so the product has to be in demand. So now kiwis can enjoy the discounts and special prices that our Aussie friends do!

You can find them on their website Catchoftheday.co.nz

You can also find more deals sites at our website One Day Deals

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