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Group Buying Definition

What exactly does group buying mean? Group buying (also known as group deals) is a relatively new concept whereby a website arranges with a merchant to sell their service for 50% of their normal price.

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In exchange for the big discount, the group buying website promises to get the merchant a certain number of customers.

The group buying site then offers the deal to its members and more often then not the deal will be popular and the merchant will receive hundreds of new customers at the special price.

However if the minimum number of customers is not reached, then the deal is off and nobody gets it. But most times the deal is successful.

This group buying concept is the hottest online shopping trend right now. Their popularity has actually taken over physical product 1 day sale sites. There are literally hundreds of deals websites offering these kind of group buy deals. And there will be several in your city alone.

This makes it very easy to check sites each day and see if any deals appeal. There could be deals for restaurants, bars and things to do. You will always get at least 50% off the normal price, so it’s a great way to have a cheap day out.

In New Zealand there are at least 20 group buying websites. You can view a list of them on our homepage: One Day Deals

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