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Voucher Deals

Voucher Deals have become a big part of the online shopping industry in New Zealand. The popularity of daily deals sites in 2007 showed that Kiwis were getting used to online shopping.

2009 brought the Group Buying craze which is essentially what voucher deals are. Simply put, you purchase a voucher which you can redeem at the respective business. The Voucher is like cash because you have paid the full dollar amount for the deal online. The voucher has a unique barcode on it that the store can scan, and approve the value of the prepaid voucher.

Groupon in the USA made voucher deals part of the mainstream consciousness. In New Zealand it was GrabOne who made this discount concept mainstream with their 50% off RRP deals. They do a good job, and sell tens of thousands of these vouchers a week. In essence they are simply selling a piece of paper for real money. But that paper essentially represents a money as it can be redemmed for a dollar value. That's technology for you - pretty amazing.

As well as GrabOne, there are at least half a dozens other sites offering these kinds of coupon deals. At OneDayDeals we help you discover the deals available in your local area. We use our technology to display the homepages of all the deal sites in your area, so that you can see at a glance what deals are available. The only porblem is that these deals only last 24 hours, so you need to be quick to grab them. To get started:


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