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Spreets Christchurch

Spreets Christchurch is now offering daily deals to the folks in Canterbury. And the site is a welcome new resident judging by the popularity of the site!


Check out todays Spreets Deals in Christchurch

Spreets first launched up in Auckland and has grown to be one of the city’s top 5 sites. In terms of $1 deals and deal under $10 Spreets rates as the best NZ daily deals site. So I always keep an eye on what Spreets has to offer each day.

Spreets Christchurch has so far offered deals in all sorts of areas, from beauty treatments, to car servicing to cheap restaurant meals. Basically there no telling what type of deal could be on offer each day. This is what makes Spreets so fun, each day is a total surprise.

Make sure you check Spreets every day, or better still sign up to their daily email here so you don’t miss out on any deals. Nothing worse than discovering they had $1 burgers the day before!



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