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Groupon is here in NZ!

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Groupon is a US-based daily deals site. Instead of selling physical products, this "group-buying" site sells pre-paid vouchers on behalf of other businesses. These can be any types of businesses but are usually service-based businesses such as restaurants and hairdressers.

The range of deals on offer is extremely varied. A quick look at deals for different cities reveals restaurant vouchers, cafe specials, gym membership, magazine subscriptions and even as far afield as low-cost teeth whitening from a dental firm.

You buy GrouponNZ deals online with your credit card. Once you have made a purchase you can print off your voucher and take it into the store where the deal was offered. They mark off the voucher then you can redeem the deal.

Groupon is great because the deals are usually discounted 50% off the normal price. So this cost saving makes it so tempting to buy these kinds of group on deals. And if the deal is closely related to what you're into then you'll more than like make an impluse purchase. Thats what makes these one day sale sites so successful.

Near the end of 2010 Groupon.com made the world news with Google offering 6 billion dollars for the company. For Groupon, a company less than 2 years old that is an amazing payday. But you'd never guess it but Groupon turned down Google's offer of 6 billion dollars.

Recent reports suggest that Groupon will soon launch an IPO (Initial Public Offering) where the would sell shares in the company to the public. The value of the IPO might reach 9 billion, and some reports say up to 15 billion dollars. A company going to a 9 billion dollar IPO in 2 years is unheard of. In this fast paced internet world it seems nothing is impossible!

Groupon NZ has launched starting with Groupon Auckland

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