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NZ Daily Deal Site Rankings

Which New Zealand Daily deal site is the best? Who has the most Facebook likes? You'll find all the answers here!

This is a ranking table showing Facebook likes for all deals sites, including product deal sites like 1day. Have a look to see where your favourite site ranks. You can also discover new sites you haven't visited before.

Daily Deal Site Rankings by Facebook Membership

Rank Link Site Facebook Fans Twitter Followers

Grab One

163,069 4,790
2. 1day 109,280 2,574
3. TreatMe 56,140 2,977
4. BookMe* 48,111 417
5. Yazoom yazoom daily deals logo 20,148 180
6. Groupy 17,951 NA
7. Daily Do 14,814 1354
8. OffTheBack 10,342 687
9. Dealaday 8,151 1,487
10. GrouponNZ* groupon nz 6,738 50
10. DaySale 6,525 113
11. First In 5,806 N/A
Us One Day Deals one day deals facebook 4,800 2002
12. Snaffles 2,701 30
13. CrazySales 2,491 64
14. Deal4Kids 2,551 N/A
15. DayDealSales day deal sales 1,489 788
16. 6Shooter 418 60
17. LivingSocial living social nz 134 N/A

* Book Me and Groupon have separate facebook pages for each region they serve. We have lumped together their total company followers for the above table.

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Voucher Site Rankings by Overall Sales

This rankings table was created a few years ago when deals sites used to share their sales numbers. They don't do this anymore but we have kept this table here for historical reference. It gives a fairly accurate idea of the performance of each site in the boom time of deals sites around 2010 - 2011.

Rank Site Ranking based on
1. Grab One Launched Jul 2010. Overall Dollars Saved:  $97,202,000 (Oct 2011)
2. TreatMe Launched Mar 2011. Overall Dollars Saved: $12,294,000 (Oct 2011)
3. Yazoom Launched Apr 2011. Overall Dollars Saved: $ 7,920,000(Oct 2011)


Launched Jun 2010. Marketing thru Yellow Pages network of websites


Launched Nov 2010. Popular site, and 5th NZ site to launch
6. Groupon Launched May 2011. Strong Online marketing spend
7. Living Social Launched Apr 2011. Collecting email addresses for year before launch
8. Cudo Launched Apr 2011. TV & Radio marketing. Picking up in past 2 months. NOW ONLY OFFERING WEEKLY TRAVEL DEAL.
9. Daily Do Launched Dec 2009. Sales figures N/A. Less presence than Cudo

Note: Sales Data from 4 Oct 2011. Excludes 1DayOut who closed down.

What this site is all about

Daily deals sites are often referred to as One Deal a Day or Day Deals sites. Whichever way you look at it, OneDayDeals is here to help you sort thru the noise and view the top deals. This Daily Deal Site rankings page is just one way we help to show which sites are offering quality deals. Are the best deals sites at the top? Well thats open to interpretation, but we think that the higher a site is on the Facebook Membership table, the more 'liked' it is. If 100,000 people LIKE your facebook page, then thats a pretty good indicator right!

OneDayDeals is your top source for daily deals information. We've been online and deal hunting since 2008, before the daily deal hype started. We'll keep you informed of new sites that are live, news about existing sites, and keep a record of the sites that choose to close down. It's all part of keeping you up to date, so that you don't miss out on any sweet deals! Whether you are looking for Deal a day sites or voucher deals then you are in the right place: OneDayDeals.co.nz


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