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1-Day "Holy Crap It's Nearly 2009" Sale!

Well after our post from last Monday expecting big things from 1-day, a little disappointed to see its ONLY a crapped out sale. Scroll down and read our post dated Dec 22, it looks pretty silly now. We were expecting something REALLY big. Like airline flights, or travel packages.


1 Day Crap Sale


Dont get me wrong a Crapped out sale is a great thing, but the big announcement wasn't necessary. Well, I guess it got us looking forward all week to it. And I guess it stuck in people minds to check 1-day on the 29th to see what it was. To be honest I wasnt expecting a crapped out sale in the holidays - everyones away on holiday with no internet. A drive thru Auckland city last night revealed the city was dead, and everyone is away for New Years!

Here is the statement for todays crapped out sale:

"Man, 2008 has just raced by, and what a year it’s been for us at 1-day!  So many products and so many crap sales, but we’ve just got time for one more! BIGGER and BETTER than any you’ve seen before, we thought we’d send 2008 off with a roar! As a belated Christmas gift to you, our valued customer, we’ve ordered in a whole heap of new, exciting and never seen before gear"

But perhaps I could be wrong. I've just tried to buy two products and they have sold out before I could put them in my shopping cart! Its good to see lots of interesting new products. We will go thru some of todays deals over on our Past Deals page.

Posted: Mon 29 Dec 2008


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