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Archived News - Something is happening at OffTheBack.co.nz

I think something is happening at OffTheBack.co.nz. There are more and more new members posting in the forums, there are more users who have referred others. It looks as though their membership is increasing pretty fast. I could be wrong, but thats what it looks like. And the fact that some members are in turn referring others, grows the site pretty fast. Check out member Weta1984 who has reffered 111 new members single handedly!

OTB have also started offering more than one deal each day. It used to be they’d have one main deal, and perhaps one “side steal”. In the past week they’ve had at least 3 products each day, somtimes four! Its great to see more range, which creates more interest and more debate in the forums.

Posted: Sat 01 Jan 2000


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