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Todays Product Deals on 1 day & Dealaday.co.nz



A busy day on 1-day. Two sellouts already. I've been meaning to get onw of these Flying Propellor Alram Clocks. But I know it would be good for a few days then I'd get sick of it and itd end up in the closest with the other 1-day impulse items! I'm actually selling some 1-day stuff I don't use anymore on TradeMe!

Coastlines is back with Mens Boardshorts for $24.99. I always thought Coastlines was priced down this end of the market anyway. I've never seen it for $79.95.

Juice Booster looks like a good buy. Its funny in the comments people are complaining that it doesn;t have a Juice press for oranges etc. Its $69! Its not going to do everything. I think its a good buy for this price, I'm almost tempted.



Genuis SW-V2.1 1250 with Subwoofer for $69.50. This looks like a powerful piece of machinery! Ot prehaps its just the photo that makes it look impressive. Either way its a decent saving off the RRP. I have a similar Logitech setup and its great.

1 Day Sale Review

Posted: Thu 09 Oct 2008


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