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Todays Product Deals on 1 day & Dealaday.co.nz



Sunday brings a repeat of older products previously offered on 1-day. We've had all three before. More Productville tees to sell. Personally I like the idea of these but the logos are to ancient for most people to remember and hence have less of a nostalgia factor. They need to print more recent logos from the 80s-90s instead of 70s style logos. I'm sure these tees would be more popular.

Century 750 RC Racing Yacht is back for $199.99. Was offered for the same price on 1st September. Still quite a nifty product. Its tempting to purchase this but I know I'll use it once and then itll end up in the closet!

Black market Springsuit Wetsuit for $59.99
A good price for a wetsuit. Probably a good time to get one in time for summer. They only thing being you can't try on. Unfortuantely 1-day dont specify whether its mens or ladies, but we'll assume its mens sizing.



DealaDay are branching out more into ladies gear which is a good idea to extend thier reach out from simply electronics products. The audience doubles and they aren't just appealing to young men! Being makeup I can't really comment on value for money but for all those colours it seems a decent price. But please, don't use the blue, its ugly!

1 Day Sales Review

Posted: Sun 05 Oct 2008


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