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Todays Product Deals on 1 day & Dealaday.co.nz


1 Day Skate Ramps First Light Targus Laptop Bag

A few repeats with todays offerings. We're undecided on the whole repeats thing. Obviously if their stock dosen't sell they want to try sell it again but its a alittle annoying seeing the same items. But I spose we check it every day whereas to most people the products will be the first time. So I suppose its a balance.

Skate ramps have been up before, although they were in a set of 4. $60 seems reasonable for a sleeping bag depending on construction. Recently 1-day have offered a camping set consisting of a tent, 2 sleeping bags and two foam pads for $60 total. Thats an amazing deal.

Laptop bags are rather boring but they feature quite a lot on 1-day. $120 retail sounds a bit high. These do have a good markup though for 1-day so fair enough.


Deal a day Pinnacle Video Transfer

Seems we are bak to electronic gear on Dealaday. These Pinnacle Video Transfer units seem to be very popular on 1-day. And Dealadays price of $79.00 beats 1-days usual price of $99.00.

1 Day Sale Review

Posted: Sat 30 Aug 2008


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