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Todays Product Deals on 1 day & Dealaday.co.nz


1 Day I got u Micro copter divoom ibase

Today has a very interesting product. The IgotU GPS travel logger. Apparently its for tracking the gps of your travels so you can upload a map to your blog. But what about in the movies where you tape one under a car and then track where the people go :)

Also today, Divoom iBase Ipod speakers. Not the cheapest price around but these have a bit more spec than your standard iPod speakers.

And again its Boys toys with a Micro Copter Mini RC remote control helicopter. Not a bad buy at $15.99. A bit of fun, and when they break its not the end of the world. Nice range of products today on 1-day.


Deal a day Logitech Speakers

Finally our prayers have been answered! Logitech LS21 PC 2.1 Stereo Speaker system. A great product and a very good price. $37.00 is a great price for 2 speakers and a sub for your computer sounds. We are impressed. Hopwfully we'll see more deals like this from DealaDay.co.nz

1 Day Sales Review

Posted: Wed 03 Sep 2008


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