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We've never heard of Shinco as a brand. We are cautious these days about non-branded electronics and we recently bought cheap ipod speakers which blew up within 5 minutes of use. We took them back (they weren't purchased through dealaday) and got a replacement which worked but had bad sound. So we took those back, and got a new item which within 5 minutes one of the speakers had popped, so the sound is not the best. In future, especially with electronics we'll be only purchasing branded, well known products. The shop we went to were great with customer service but it was embarrasing having to go back twice, and I should really go back again but I definitely won't.

So the moral is, if you are buying no-name or no brand items be very careful. Make sutre the seller is reputable as it can cause a lot of hassle and embarrassment having to take items back. Shinco? I don't know I haven't heard of this brand, so buyer beware of cheap asian branded, or generic non-branded electronics.

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Posted: Thu 25 Sep 2008


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