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Todays Product Deals on 1 day & Dealaday.co.nz



RC Surfer for $44.99. Again another Radio controlled offering from 1-day. I'm so tempted to get one but I am fighting the impulse, as I have other 1-day items just sitting in the closet collecting dust!

Radiessence Foundation with refill. It seems 1-day have alswered the call from women to offer more female related products on the site. This seems like on of those TV products sold by Suzanne Paul.

AEG Sewing Machine for $139.99. Seems a decent price here. I remember seeing these before. So Iguess if 1-day has a successful selling product they will order again and list later on. For some reason I thought that they would do a completely new thing every day, that they haven't offered before. I suppose it does make more sense to re-order they good sellers but I don't like seeing the same products repeated, it seems a little boring. But for people who don't log in every day, they wouldn't even notice. And it also gives those who missed a deal a chance to buy it again.

Some people have a rule not to buy on impulse so having a month to think about whether they want a product probably will bring more sales the next time a product is offered.

I have a rule never to buy on impulse. I have been strong for years and years. But for some reason 1-day has got me. I've bought 3-4 things through the site now. 1 item I really needed and was going to buy anyway. But the other 3, were basically crap items, or things that were totally on impulse. For me to break my no impulse rule is really exceptional, so 1-day are doing a very good job with their deals, and range of products.

1 Day Sale Review

Posted: Wed 17 Sep 2008


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