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Todays Product Deals on 1 day & Dealaday.co.nz



Dynamo Radio with Torch is back! And I believe even cheaper than last time at only $19.99. This is a must have product for camping and even just for the glovebox. 1 minute of winding the handle creates enough power in the battery for 15-30 minutes of light. Need more light? Just wind it again! Never waste money on batteries again and never be caught out without batteries!

Pioneer car audio set is back. slightly cheaper price than last time. I was going to purchase this item but thought I'd have a quick look on TradeMe. Selling selling for exactly the same price, better warranty and no pressure to buy it TODAY! So I think before you get sucked in to 1-day do a quick check on TradeMe for the same product. Yuo may find it at a similar price!

Cyber desktop set for $39.99. Where is the wireless keyboard and mouse?



1 Day Sale Review

Posted: Sat 20 Sep 2008


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