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Interview with Mike Bullot from DailyDo.co.nz

DailyDo.co.nz is a NZ daily deal site offering coupons for experiences in your local city. They offer such a wide variety of deals, anything from deals at golf courses to heavily discounted beauty treatments. With the power of group buying DailyDo is able to negotiate some great deals with local businesses in your area.

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You've probably noticed the colorful DailyDo ads on Facebook. They've been building a solid foundation of users online, and their Facebook membership is the largest bar 1day.

DailyDo was actually the first group buying coupon site in New Zealand launching in December 2009. In the past few weeks there have been two or three new "coupon" sites launch, so below we find out what DailyDo is all about.

Interview with Mike Bullot - Co-founder of DailyDo

1. What is the best deal you've ever offered?

We've had a lot of deals sell out. I guess recently we had an awesome boxing fitness class in the city which sold out in less than two hours. We have had numerous deals at 90% off or better ....

2. What is the fastest you've sold out of something?

Our launch day in Auckland we sold out in 40 mins. We had some real growing pains that day with so much traffic!

3. What makes your site different from the other daily deal sites?

We pride ourselves on adding a little spice to peoples lives with some really cool variation in things to do around each city. From the amount of fan mail we get each week we seem to be doing it right!

4. You focus on coupons. Would you ever consider offering physical products?

Products is a whole different ball game which doesnt really interest us too much. We are about experiences and things to get out and enjoy. We'll leave that to others who seem to be doing a pretty good job.

5. How important do you think social media (Facebook and Twitter) is to your success?

We definitely wouldnt have seen the growth that we have without them both. Facebook is an amazing way for people to share deals they think their friends and family would like and even just simple interaction with our fan page. Puts a real face to dailydo.

6. Are there any products/deals that you won't offer? Have you said no to types of deals?

We are definitely pretty selective these days of what we feature. When we first launched we experimented a lot with different types of deals featured. Now we pretty much know what people want to see, but we still like to throw in a heap of variety which always seem to go down well.

7. What was your first product, price, and what was launch day like?

Hectic. We werent too sure how things would go to be honest. It was a Photography package worth around $900 from memory that was up for $25. Was pretty ridiculous really, I even bought one haha

8. Have you undertaken any traditional media advertising for the site? What about online advertising?

We dabbled in radio for a bit, and we have regular facebook ads running. But nothing really compares to deals spreading virally.

9. Whats the best part about being involved in the daily deals industry?

We just get sooo much amazing feedback from people everyday. Which is hands down the best part. Then there are the calls we get from our awesome sales team when they've just snagged an amazing deal. Then we take bets how quickly it will sell out haha

10. What are the 3 main reasons new customers should try your site out?

Great deals, great variety (so something for everyone), gives people the opportunity to experience things in their city they probably otherwise wouldnt.

So there you have it! DailyDo is offering great deals every day, so make sure you check them out. DailyDo are also expanding fast! They currently offer deals in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin. Soon to be launched areas include Hamilton, Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty, and Christchurch.

Check them out! Go to DailyDo.co.nz, or select your nearest city below:

Auckland: www.DailyDo.co.nz/auckland

Wellington: www.DailyDo.co.nz/wellington

Dunedin: www.DailyDo.co.nz/dunedin (Launching 19th July)

Facebook: DailyDo Facebook Page

Posted: Thu 15 Jul 2010


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