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Daily Deal Sites - Social Media Rankings (Update)

Its been just over a week since we launched our NZ Daily Deal Site Rankings page. Because its not possible for us to rank sites based on sales revenue, we think the next best metric to measure and compare daily deals site popularity is to analyse their social media profiles.

Most daily deal sites use Twitter and Facebook to interact with their customers. We gather that the more social media members (or followers) a site has, the more popular they are. In absense of sales figures this is the best metric to use.

We thought we'd do some analysis on the changes in the 9 days since we published the first site ranking table. Comparing the changes in Facebook member growth, makes for some interesting analysis.

The biggest increase in Facebook members was GrabOne.co.nz with an increase of 2,648 members in just 9 days! View the table below for the rankings, and for more detailed analysis see the notes at the bottom of the table.


Daily Deal Sites - Social Media Rankings Analysis


 Facebook Fans
Rank Link Site

Last Week


This Week

1. 1day



   +2,179 38,530
2. Grab One
7,375 +2,648 10,023
3. Daily Do Auck
5,638 +564 6,202
4. Groupy Auck 3,966 +44 4,000
5. First In 3,364 +45 3,409
6. DaySale 2,874 +3 2,877
7. Groupy Well 2,276 +28 2,304
8. Dealaday 1,727 +3 1,730
9. 3Deals 1,711 +31 1,742
10. Daily Do Well 1,680 +148 1,828
11. Daily Do Dun

+108 1,102
12. 1Day Tee 403 +8 411
13. Game A Day
132 +1 133
14. 6Shooter 105 +12 117
15. CatchOfThe Day N/A 0 N/A
16. Trademe Deals N/A 0 N/A
17. Today Sale N/A 0 N/A

Sources: Facebook, Twitter. Updated 9 August 2010

Twitter - We have not analysed Twitter followers in this table as a sites follower count is normally not related to their true fan count. Lots of people will follow anyone who adds them so twitter followers is not an accurate measure of popularity.

Analysis of the Social Media changes in the past 9 days


Market leader 1day powers ahead adding 2,179 facebook members in the last 9 days. Thats an average of 242 new facebook members each day!

Its also interesting to note that 1day has 4 times as many facebook followers as the No. 2 site GrabOne. 1day also has more facebook followers than all the sites COMBINED!


GrabOne is a prolific user of social media for marketing. They have had the fastest rise in membership of all the daily deal sites. (We'll be penning an article on GrabOne's marketing within the next week). Grab 1 added 2,648 in the past 9 days beating out 1day for the largest increase.

Half of the sites at the bottom of our table don't even have 2,648 members to start with! With 2,648 users added in 9 days thats an average of almost 300 new users a day! In the hour it took to prepare this article (8 - 9pm) GrabOne added 101 members!

Daily Do & Groupy

Daily Do and Groupy are doing things a little differently when it comes to social media. They have separate facebook pages for each region they offer deals for. It has yet to be seen whether this idea is a good one. GrabOne has opted to manage one page and put each regions deals on it. We are still not sure which method will prove best.

But getting back to DailyDo...their Auckland site added a respectable 564 members in the past 9 days. Also their Wellington site added 148 members, and their Dunedin sites added 108 members. So thats a total of 820 members in the week. Daily Do do actively advertise on facebook for new members so this will have some effect on the increase.

Groupy, while starting strong a month ago have had slow growth in the facebook membership in the last 9 days. Groupy Auckland added 44 members and Groupy Wellington added 28 members.

The Other Daily Deal Sites

Not too much action from the other 1day sale sites. The most users added was 44, which is a stark contrast from GrabOnes 2,648 effort! Most of the other daily deal sites added only a couple of members. These sites need to put a little more effort into marketing to grow their follower base.

You can view the very latest rankings (including Twitter followers) on our Site Rankings page.

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Posted: Wed 11 Aug 2010


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