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Daily Deal Sites - Social Media Rankings (23Aug)

This week was a lot quieter for 'daily deal site' social media growth. Daily Do was the only site to beat their member increase from last week. Grab One is still growing quite rapidly, adding over 2,000 new facebook members this week.

This week we have added 3 more sites to our facebook rankings table: ITDeals, SocialBuy and HalfDaySale. View the ranking table below or scroll to the bottom of the page for more analysis among the major players.


Social Media Rankings - Analysis 16-23 Aug 2010


 Facebook Fans
Rank Link Site

Last Week


This Week

1. 1day



   +263 40,278
2. Grab One
14,026 +2,180 16,206
3. Daily Do*
9,938 +1,407 11,345
4. Groupy* 6,477 +74 6,551
5. First In 3,432 +48 3,480
6. DaySale 2,883 +10 2,893
7. Dealaday 1,733 +2 1,735
8. 3Deals 1,933 +90 2,023
9. IT Deals 716 +21 737
10. 1Day Tee 413 - 413
11. HalfDaySale 156 +3 159
12. Deals4Kids 151 - New
13. Game A Day
134 +6 140
14. 6Shooter 119 +3 122
15. SocialBuy 84 +20 104

Source: Facebook. Updated 23 August 2010

* Daily Do and Groupy have separate facebook pages for each region they serve. We have lumped together their total company followers for the above table.

Facebook Pages:

Daily Do AK, Daily Do HAM, Daily Do WEL, Daily Do DUN, Daily Do BOP, Daily Do Chch

Groupy WellingtonGroupy Auckland, Christchurch and NZ


Analysis of the Social Media changes in the week to 23 Aug


1day had very slow member growth this week! Tey only added 263 new members. Last week they added 1,485 new members, and the previous week 2,648. This is out of character for the market leader.  Is their growth slowing? Have they reached market saturation? Is Grab One stealing their thunder?

Grab One

Still charging ahead is Grab One. This week they added 2,180 new members to their facebook page. This was the most new members added by any site. Remember last week they added a record 4,003 new members in just 7 days.

Week on week they are growing at a phenomenal rate, both in facebook member numbers, and in areas served. Last week they added the Grab One Wellington site, this week Grab One Dunedin!


Daily Do added 1,407 new members this week! A record for them. Last week we started combined all of their facebook totals together. (they have a different facebook page for each region in NZ). Daily Do are 3rd on our table and are catching up to the number 2, Grab One.


Groupy only added 74 members this week. Thats on top of 173 the week before. Not much happening here really.

The Other Daily Deal Sites

A few gains of around 70, and a few around 20. Its amazing how many sites had a only a few new members in the week! Dealaday, 6Shooter and 1day tee only added a couple of members each.

This week saw the first across the board slowdown in membership growth we've seen. Have the daily deal sites soaked up most of the bargain hunters already?

It was surprising to note that 1day added just 263 members this week. (2,648 added 2 weeks ago). They have recently launched 1day Out so I would have thought more members would have discovered 1day for the first time. They must be marketing to existing members only.

It will be interesting to see what happens next week. Will the growth be slow again? Will DailyDo keep gaining on Grab One.

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Posted: Mon 23 Aug 2010


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