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Daily Deal Sites - Social Media Rankings (30Aug)

This week showed a real drop in social media membership growth. Daily Deal sites are still adding members but the pace has slowed. Grab One again, added the most with 1600 new members on Facebook.

This week also saw some ranking changes:

- Deals4Kids jumped up from 12th to 11th place.

- Social Buy up from 15 to 13th place


Social Media Rankings - Analysis 23-30 Aug 2010


 Facebook Fans
Rank Link Site

Last Week


This Week

1. 1day



   +230 40,508
2. Grab One
16,206 +1,614 17,820
3. Daily Do*
11,345 +736 12,081
4. Groupy* 6,551 +296 6,847
5. First In 3,480 +33 3,513
6. DaySale 2,893 +14 2,907
7. Dealaday 1,735 +1 1,736
8. 3Deals 2,023 +18 2,041
9. IT Deals 737 +30 767
10. 1Day Tee 413 -2 411
11. Deals4Kids 151 +30 181
12. HalfDaySale 159 +2 161
13. SocialBuy* 124 +28 152
14. Game A Day
140 +3 143
15. 6Shooter 122 - 122

Source: Facebook. Updated 30 August 2010

* Daily Do and Groupy have separate facebook pages for each region they serve. We have lumped together their total company followers for the above table.

Facebook Pages:

Daily Do AK, Daily Do HAM, Daily Do WEL, Daily Do DUN, Daily Do BOP, Daily Do Chch

Groupy WellingtonGroupy Auckland, Christchurch and NZ

Social Buy Hamilton, Social Buy Auckland


Analysis of the Social Media changes in the week to 23 Aug


Added roughly the same number of new Facebook members as last week, 230 odd.

Grab One

Grab One has had fantastic growth over the past 7 weeks. Still leading the growth with 1,614 members aded this week. In the one hour it took to prepare this article Grab One added 160 new members!


Added 1,400 new members last week. But a decent amount of 736 this week shows that DailyDo are looking to grow fast. The voucher sites are all racing to add new areas. DailyDo also continues to expand.


Finally we had some action from Groupy this week! With most weeks only adding 70 odd per week, they added a respectable 296 new members in the past 7 days! Perhaps they have started doing some facebook advertising.

The Other Daily Deal Sites

1daytee actually had negative member growth this week. Last week they were at 413, this week 411. Not a good sign at all! A quick look at 1daytees page shows that they haven;t updated their facebook page since December 2009. Kinda weird that they release a new teee each day, yet they won't spend 2 minutes it on posting on Facebook. Maybe they stopeed because they've stopped having designer tees up online, just brand name ones.

Site Rankings

You can view the more of the latest rankings (including Twitter followers) on our Site Rankings page.

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Posted: Mon 30 Aug 2010


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