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Grab One Australia to launch soon

After dominating the New Zealand "Daily Voucher" scene, Grab One will launch in Australia later this year.

Grab One Australia - it had to happen. With the "group buying" craze having taken New Zealand by storm, Grab One are fast running out of new areas to grow. The next logical step of course, is Australia.

So where did all this "group buying" hysteria come from?

Groupon.com was the first website to pioneer daily voucher deals. Each day there is one special deal on offer in your local city. With Groupon being rooted in the USA, thats where their focus is. The daily deal concept is so wide open that every city in the world can support one or two sucessful sites.

The Groupon concept is already in Australia with several companies having a crack. While the other aussie sites have a head start, Grab One has the advantage of being fast. They hire staff fast, and equip them with all the tools they need to source deals right away.

Grab One has the backend and technical capabilities to handle high traffic volumes. Grab One has also done it - they've been successful in New Zealand and become the top daily deals voucher site.

So what is the Australian market like at the moment?

Primed and ready! Half a dozen major players have launched there this year. Daily Deals are even more popular than in New Zealand. Remember, Australia hasn't seen a recession like the rest of the world, theres lots of mining and resources money flowing. So Australian consumers have their wallets open.

The top Australian Group Buying sites are JumpOnIt and Spreets. JumpOnIt received $1.3 million dollars in funding in April. Spreets raised $2 million in funding (source) and boasts investors who also invested in Facebook early on.

So there is stiff competition in Australia. But its just a matter of convincing Aussie consumers to try Grab One. The first stop will be Grab One Brisbane. We certainly wish them well.


Posted: Wed 22 Sep 2010


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