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Grab One overtakes 1day in Social Media Rankings

The battle heats up between New Zealands top daily deals sites.

Its official! Popular New Zealand Daily Deals site GrabOne.co.nz, has in the past 24 hours, overtaken market leader 1day.co.nz in terms of social media followers. Grab One now boasts 46,380 Facebook Members, 1day.co.nz has 46,208. This milestone shows the spectacular growth of Grab One since its launch in July.


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It has taken 1day.co.nz over 2 years to get to 46,000 members....it's taken Grab One just 4 months. Back in August, GrabOne had a spectacular 7 day period, adding 4003 NEW facebook members. That has been a daily deals record for new facebook member growth. Grab One are on to it with their marketing, and they are big on social media.


Social Media is not the be all and end all, but it does give a good indication of website popularity in these times. Grab One now offers deals in over 10 New Zealand cities, 1day only only managed 4 cities. 1day were certainly pipped at the post when it comes to group buying and voucher sales.

Now of course we are not able to compare sales figures between the 2 companies. And there is the fact that one mainly focusses on products while the other focusses on vouchers. However this "overtaking" is still extremely significant. 1day has been the market leader, the most popular daily deals site since it started in May 2007. No copy-cat site has been able to touch it.

This now means that 1day who have lead the market for over 3 years now have a serious contender. What would happen if Grab One decided to go into physical products?

This is all exciting stuff. We are watching the NZ daily deals market with much interest. Its never been more busy, and the aussies are not far off launching several sites here.

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Posted: Thu 21 Oct 2010


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