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5 Useful Christmas Shopping Tips

In the lead up to Christmas, we thought we'd share 5 useful Christmas Shopping Tips, to help those of you who still haven't started :)

1. Start right away

There is nothing worse than rushing round on Christmas Eve for presents. Not only is it highly stressful, but you often just end up grabbing something in a rush, that might not be the best gift. If you haven't yet started, then head out as soon as possible.

2. Hit the shops early in the day if possible

It goes without saying that the earlier in the day you hit the shops, the less people will be around.  In the week before Christmas, going out after work is pure madness.

3. Shop Online

There are plenty of bargains to be had online, especially at this time of year. But be sure to allow plenty of time for delivery. If buying from a NZ site we advise that Tuesday the 18th is probably the last day you should be buying online. You need to allow couriers extra time to delivery at this time of year.

In the week leading up to Xmas, there is no such thing as Overnight Delivery. There is nothing worse than trying to chase a slow package on Christmas Eve, for someones gift the next day. Avoid the hassle and finish your NZ online shopping by Tuesday 18th December.

4. Don't feel bad buying gifts on sale

Found something that your partner would absolutely love, but its on special for 50% of the normal price? Don't feel guilty that you only spent $30! Take the saving and use it to cover the rest of your Xmas shopping.

5. Buy Online Gift Vouchers

Buying an online daily deal voucher as a gifts is a relatively new thing, but they can be great presents. Now before you think, of that's just as bad as giving cash have a think on this point. You might spend $50 on a daily deal voucher or gift card, and that $50 may end up getting them $100 - $150 of value depending on the deal they end up redeeming in on. Now that's a supersized present!

There are 2 options:

a. Buy an actual daily deal for an experience. There are dozens of choices on the main daily deals sites, so there is something to appeal to everyone. A horseback ride along a beach, a jump off the sky tower. The more exciting the experience, the greater the gift!

b. Buy a Traditional Style Gift Voucher for a pre-determined value. Many of the deals site now offer you the ability to buy say a $50 credit and give it away as a voucher. These are great because the recipient can choose exactly what type of deal they want to buy on their own.

If you might feel a little strange giving a printed piece of paper with a voucher printed on it, there are ways to spice it up. Roll the paper up into a scroll and put a bow on it. Perhaps have a bar of chocolate or something small attached to it for that little something extra.

The only downside is that the recipient can see the price you paid. But the upside is that they get twice the vaue of your spend, so most people will overlook the price. And if its something really enjoyable to do, then the memories can last a lifetime, more than some plastic throwaway junk ever could :)

You'd think the kiwi deals sites would be pushing pre-paid gift vouchers a bit more, but it seems only GrabOne is putting effort into creating something nice. GrabOne have a great section on their website that helps you buy gift vouchers, choose a nice design and print them off on your computer.


Posted: Mon 17 Dec 2012


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