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Grocery Grab on 1day.co.nz again

Update: Monday 12.15pm

It seems Grocery Grab is not on today. It was scheduled to be on today but it is not showing on the 1day site. I will be hearing back from 1day later today, and will post their response here. Apologies for an inconvenience guys!

Update: Monday 12.55pm

I've just heard back from 1day. Grocery Grab is not on today (obviously) but will be on tomorrow, Tuesday. Again, apologies for jumping the gun, I was simply going off 1day's official press release.

We've written a post on this mornings drama. Read it here:

Today's BIG FAIL! (1day's Grocery Grab is NOT on today)


Grocery Grab is the new grocery deals offering from 1day.co.nz. Every second Monday they offer a multitude of shopping deals from every day household items to food and beverage - just like a supermarket. Today is the second time 1day have offered the new Grocery Grab service to the public.

The last time 1day ran Grocery grab, products on offer included instant coffee, milo, cereal, batteries, dog food, to soft drinks and a whole bunch more. Unfortunately due to the nature of the web they can't offer fresh fruit and vegetables  so most are prepackaged items that won't go off in transit. Last Grocery Grab there was also an extensive health and beauty offering at the bottom of the page, with products like moisturiser, soap, shampoo, body wash, all from well known brands.

So nosy on over to 1day today (Monday). When you see something you like make sure you make the purchase. As with any new venture, if it dosen't take off it they won't keep it going. so lets make it such a success that they make it EVERY Monday! Once its a weekly thing then you can probably get a quarter of your weekly shopping done through 1day each week - and that going to save you a nice amount of change! Delivery fee is a flat rate of just $5.99 which we think is great!

Sale runs from midday Monday to Midday Tuesday. Head to 1day.co.nz


To go to the full 1day site click here:




Posted: Sun 29 Apr 2012


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