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BestHotelDeals is NZ's newest Deal site

Theres a new daily deals site in town, well all over New Zealand in fact! BestHotelDeals.co.nz is New Zealands newest daily deals site, and if you regularly book accommodation online, this site will soon be your new best friend.

BestHotelDeals is an initiative from Millenium Hotels and Resorts. They run dozens of top hotels under the Millenium, Copthorne and Kingsgate brands - household names in NZ. Formerly known as GrabaNight.co.nz, the new site has lots of improvements and they are here to sell lots of rooms, at low prices.

Lets face it. Finding accommodation under $100 can be a challenge. Now you can find hotel accommodation for even less, and with one of NZ’s top hotels chains! No more dodgy motor inns!

Take a look at Copthorne Solway in Wairarapa, one of NZ's finest hotels. A normal night will set you back anywhere from $140 - $325. BestHotelDeals rate today...$75. Thats at least 50% off, thats unheard of! The Kingsgate Hotel in Hamilton, $240 normal price...on BestHotelDeals just $58. Yes thats almost $200 off, but don't tell your partner!

You can book your stay instantly online, and you can even choose the might, unlike deals on other sites where you can’t even select the night when you buy! Take away any uncertainty over where you’ll be staying, and get a great rate. It can’t get much better than that!

Along with the rebranding comes a whole host of new specials and a new way of getting the deals out to the masses. BestHotelDeals are putting a heavy focus on Facebook Deals, so stretch out that Like button and head over to the facebook page here

So, if you are planning to go away soon then check out BestHotelDeals.co.nz right away. If you don’t have anything planned, then I suggest you still have a look at this site. The prices are so good you may as well make a booking and surprise your partner. We won’t tell them what a great deal you got ;)




Posted: Tue 14 Jun 2011


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