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Daily Deals for Business from GSBExpress.co.nz

Attention all Business Owners! If you're not using daily deals to lower your expenses, you're missing out!

GSB Express (www.gsbexpress.co.nz) is a fantastic kiwi-based deals site offering deals targeted to businesses. Check their homepage and you'll see their 3 current deals. These can be anything business related ranging from Laptops, to web design, to first aid kits......all useful business tools!

We are talking quality, well known brands here! Logitech, Microsoft, Phillips even Apple Products! While strong in Electronics, GSB Express offers so much more with food deals, safety and even some surprise deals that you wouldn't expect! But we are talking top quality products here.

In case you were wondering, GSB stands for Government Supply Brokerage. The GSB parent company has actually been in the supply and procurement business since the early 1900s, supplying the NZ government! They certainly know their stuff when it comes to sourcing great deals! GSBExpress.co.nz is their move into the popular daily deals space, and deals are open to all businesses large and small, from companies to sole traders.

Business Daily Deals are the new wave of deals sites to become popular in New Zealand, and kiwi business owners are always looking to trim expenses and cut costs. GSB Express can help you achieve it, and have fun in the process!

See todays deals: www.gsbexpress.co.nz

Also check out their recent deals page, to see the range they can offer: www.gsbexpress.co.nz/deal/recent

Happy Buying!

Posted: Mon 05 Dec 2011


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