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Living Social Changing the Daily Deals Market

It seems the daily deal market is changing in the USA with Living Social taking a different approach to offering deals. Instead of simply offering discounts on everyday experiences, they are changing things up. They often combine two types of deals into a unique package that no one else is offering. For instance Living Social has recently offered Yoga Boat Cruises, Trapeze lessons and cooking demonstrations.

living social combined deals

These customised deals mean that Living Social is almost acting as a travel agency. Unique combinations set them apart from other companies. This makes daily deals, not just about discounts, but about unique and interesting experiences. Deals don't necessarily even have to be discounted by that much as no one will find the same deal elsewhere unless they book it themselves with a group.

Other interesting events Living Social has offered include sippin and paintin wine tasting art classes, and pop up restaurants where different nights can offer a space for different restaurants to offer a deal.

We are sure that this type of combined, unique deals will make an appearance here in New Zealand, as local users are tiring of the same boring old massge vouchers and restaurant deals.

Posted: Wed 11 Jul 2012


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