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Cudo is back?

We had thought Daily Deals site Cudo was dead and gone, but it seems as though they are back - albeit operating from their Australian base. If you were subscribed to the Cudo.co.nz mailing list back before they closed down, this past week will have seen your inbox full again.

Offers from Cudo.com.au have come daily for all manner of product deals. The catch is they will all be shipped from Australia. So it seems they have switched from a local business group buying site (think restaurants, attractions) to an international daily deal product style site. Which of course is fine, if the deals are good value.

Their Kiwi website dosen't look to be functional: Cudo.co.nz, but their Aussie site is still going strong across Australia at Cudo.com.au. They are still a successful group buying site in Australia. Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Posted: Mon 18 Mar 2013


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