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Daily Deal Purchases on Mobile up over Summer

GrabOne has issued a press release with some very interesting stats on how kiwis used the internet over Summer. Over the Holiday Period 23 December and 6 January 2013, 29% of all GrabOne transactions were with a mobile device. This compares to 12% and 1.5% for previous years.

It certainly seems like mobile is taking off. In a normal week, 19% of GrabOne transactions are through mobile, so while veryone has been away on holiday and away from their desks, they have continued to use their mobiles to use the internet. I would expect that while the overall amount of traffic to all sites dropped, mobile use increased due to your phone being the only way to access the internet.

These numbers show just how far smartphones have come in the past few years. The exciting thing to note is that mobile internet use is increasing, and this number will continue to go up as time goes on. Where will we see a balance between desktop and mobile use in general? 30%, 50%, 75%?

Its hard to say, but definitely if your business (or your favourite places to buy online) aren't on mobile yet, its clear they are missing out.
It will be interesting to see just how smart phones and mobile, take over desktop use.

Posted: Mon 21 Jan 2013


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