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Daily Deal Sites and Facebook Member Growth

We thought we'd take a look at the rate of Facebook Member growth amongst the top 10 deals sites. We've taken their current member count and divided it by the number of months since launch. This gives us an indication as to the rate of growth.

Date: 31 May 2011

NZ Daily Deal Sites - Social Media Rankings

Site Launch Month Months Facebook Fans Monthly Fan Growth
Jul 2010 10 123,420

12,342 month


July 2007 29* 65,151 2,246 month
Mar 2011 2 33,518

16,759 month


Dec 2009 18 17.886 993 month
May 2010 12 14,929 1244 month
yazoom daily deals logo Apr 2011 2 12,234

6117 month


(Still Pending) - 5,819 -
Nov 2010 6 5,686 947 month
May 2010 12 4,929 410 month
Dec 2004 29* 4,662

160 month*

*Facebook became popular in the main stream in 2009 so we have rounded the older sites month count to start from Jan 2009. 1day has been live 46 months, Firstin 77 months.

Credit to http://wayback.archive.org for launch months.

This graph is to provide an indication only. It is not 100% accurate. Other factors to consider are the exact month when the site opened their facebook page. Also sites that have launched recently such as OneDaySale.co.nz will place more emphasis on Facebook Marketing, and sites in the launch/early growth phase will have higher per month rates, due to more marketing spend during launch Still, this table does give some interesting insight :)

Posted: Tue 31 May 2011


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