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Daily Deals are here to stay

It's 2013, and overseas, Daily Deals are getting a hard wrap in the media. The likes of Groupon and Living Social have been critized heavily, for falling share prices and heavily writedowns in their value. Many are saying that the daily deals business model is over.

But all of this bad press dosen't mean that daily deals are going away - for from it. While investors are valuing the share of these companies for less, sales are still at record levels.

Discounting goods and services is still one of the best ways for companies to get new and old customers in the door. Daily Deals are just an online form of the traditional coupon. Around for decades, coupons have stuck around and they won't go away any time soon.

The idea of receiving a limited time special, when you present a coupon clipped from a mailer or magazine has stood the test of time. Online coupons are a new way of using coupons, and are far more effective for businesses who can track how much they spend on advertising.

Daily Deals in theor online form will continue to evolve, as with all online businesses. They way you buy coupons, or the way discounts are structured will change over time. But as long as people keep loving deals, and as long as businesses are happy to offer a discount to get them in the door, we'll continue to see daily deals.

Posted: Mon 14 Jan 2013


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