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DailyMums.co.nz Launches Today

Daily Mums is a new daily deals site that has launched today. While most daily deal sites things such as restaurants and skydiving, Daily Mums caters to a market that doesn't get much attention - the Mums market.

Focusing on parents (yes even dads, and grandparents), Daily Mums will offer 3 deals each day. They will always be related to children, babies, parents and parenting goods and services, so there is no sifting through hundreds of deals like other sites to find something suitable for the family. That could be a whole range of things from toys, to nappies, to health services or family outings.

While your 2 year old won't be whipping out your credit card, there are sure to be many deals that would be suitable for them such as todays line up:

- 5x Eco Nappies for $9.99
- Personalised Letters from Santa $7.00
- Kids Eze Fitted Sheets $14.99

Daily Mums was featured last month on TVNZ Breakfast. Check out the video below, then get hopping over to the site:


Posted: Mon 12 Nov 2012


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