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DayDealSales.co.nz becomes NZ's first "Daily Deals" Facebook Store

DayDealSales.co.nz has launched today, and this new site has a twist

DayDealSales launched today and becomes NZ's first daily deals Facebook Store. Facebook Store? Yes their deals are sold thru their Facebook page. So if you are a Facebook member (who isn't) then this is good news. All you need to do is "like" the Day Deal Sales facebook page.

day deal sales site

This is a New Zealand first, and shows just how social media is helping businesses and users connect. Lets face it, a large majority of the NZ population has a facebook page. And users are spending more and more time on the site. This is a great move by DayDealSales - go where the people are!

Now, don't wonder what a Facebook store is, go ahead and check out this brand new daily deals site!

DayDealSales.co.nz Facebook Page

Posted: Thu 31 Mar 2011


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