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Free Fundraising Help thru the Power of Daily Deals

The Customer Advantage is a fast-growing daily deal company which has just launched in the USA, and will be going global in a couple of months. The founder of The Customer Advantage, John Milanoski has a vision that TCA will become the biggest philanthropic company in the world.

While TCA is a daily deals company, a big part of the concept is to get non-profit organisations on board. These organisations are always looking for funds, and TCA could be a way to get ongoing funding, through the strength of numbers.

Here's how it works. It is FREE for any organisation (such as a school, club, charity) to become a member of TCA. Once the organisation has joined, they are given a FREE website where they can direct their supporters and friends to join.

These friends will then receive a daily deal offer which they can purchase if they so wish. These friends can also send these deals to other friends and get them to sign up to receive the daily deal offers. Any purchase that these members make (or their friends) will earn the organisation 5% of the sale price.

Imagine being able to grow a large membership thru your organisation. You could have hundreds of members receiving daily deals and your organisation earning 5% on each of their purchases. No more bake sales, or chocolate bar fundraisers.

The Customer Advantage will fast become the most effective way to fundraise. Keep funding coming in indefinitely using the power of technology, and the excitement of daily deals. Its a Win for Non-Profits, and a Win for consumers.

There is no cost whatsoever to the organisation. It is all upside. Nothing better than a FREE fundraiser that earns money on things that people are buying already. Did I mention thats 5% of all ongoing purchases! This maybe the last fundraiser you set up!


Want to get your organisation started?


1. Sign your organisation up for FREE here http://bit.ly/iQfBOT




2. Or call Jock Miller on 0800 020 438 if you'd like to discuss further.


Posted: Thu 07 Jul 2011


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