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GrabOne launches GrabOne Escapes

Group buying market leader GrabOne has expanded further this week with the launch of GrabOne Escapes. This new site will specifically offer accommodation deals and often have a local activity included as part of the offer.

GrabOne has been experimenting recently with accommodation deals. On their homepage they have a separate deals tab for accommodation. Grab One Escapes sees GrabOne add a new vertical to their network of sites. So far they have Experiences, Bottle and Tshirts.

Tourism and holidays is a big earner worldwide on daily deals sites as the deals offered are usually in the hundreds of dollars, as opposed to $5 pizzas. This says to me that GrabOne sure is in earn mode. They are the leader in the market and in the perfect position to start ramping up earnings.

Interestingly, Grouponnz who launched here last week, have been heavy on the accommodation deals - something we didn’t expect. With an impending IPO, Groupon is obviously on the same track trying to bolster earnings and head away from low ticket transactions.

Business models aside, GrabOne Escapes is set to become another leader in its field. With tourism NZ’s second biggest market, it’s a direction to be heading.

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Posted: Tue 17 May 2011


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