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GrabOne's First Birthday

Daily deal market leader Grab One celebrated their first birthday last week. So we thought we’d take a look at their first year in business.

grab one first birthday 1 year old

Its already been a year since GrabOne first launched. In that time they’ve achieved so much. Here are the highlights of the year.

  • 1.4 million coupons sold
  • $58 million in turnover
  • 130,000 members on Facebook
  • 1 million holes of golf
  • 10,000 movie tickets on launch day
  • 91,000 movie tickets in total
  • 39,000 massages
  • 10,000 GrabOne t-shirts sold in one morning

Not content with just voucher deals, GrabOne has branched out into many verticals. These all involve a new website under the grabOne name, but in different areas.

The growth of this company in just one year, has been phenomenal. $58 million passed thru their hands in 12 months. That’s over a million a week. This has surely got to be a record for a New Zealand startup company.

This type of business growth probably wouldn’t have been possible before social media. Deals can be shared instantly thru friend networkd and this has enabled rapid growth. The internet keeps opening up new areas and new ways of doing business.

A big focus on GrabOne is the growth of their offshore markets. In Australia, GrabOne serves 17 major cities with sales teams on the ground. And they offer multiple deals per city. In Ireland, GrabOne has partnered with Independent News to launch GrabOne.Ie

Never one to sit around, the GrabOne team is constantly looking to improve, and they have many more verticals planned. We’ll be watching to see what they come up with next!


Posted: Mon 11 Jul 2011


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