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Grab One reaches 100,000 members on Facebook

It was only a matter of time but Grab One has now reached the 100,000 facebook member milestone! In October 2010 we reported on their 50,000 member mark.

In a country as small as New Zealand, 100,000 members is no small feat. There are only a handful of NZ businesses with over 100,000 members. These include:

Todays news makes Grab One the daily deals site with the most facebook members by a long shot. In the number 2 place is 1day with 61,000 facebook members. In third place is TreatMe with 18,000. If you'd like to see how the other daily deal sites rank then check out our Daily Deal Sites Rankings page.

Speaking of TreatMe....they launched 7 days ago and already have 18,000! They started with about 600 at launch so 17,000 in a week actually beats Grab Ones previous record of 4,711 in 7 days.

OneDayDeals.co.nz Facebook Page

In other news, this weekend One Day Deals passed 2000 members on facebook. While not as big as the group buying sites, it is a milestone, and it does make us the NZ Daily Deal Aggregator site with the largest facebook presence. We thank everyone who has joined our page!

And if you aren't yet a member, then please join our facebook page :)


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Posted: Tue 29 Mar 2011


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